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Mountain Trail

Clinics, Training, Competition...

More than just trail riding...

It's the experience of learning how to work with your horse and develop your skills as a rider as you navigate through natural obstacles. These can be log or trestle bridges, water crossings, rock paths or climbing up and down a hillside. You learn how to 'trust' your mount as they also come to trust you.


It's an experience...

...that helps increase your confidence as a rider out on the trail or in the arena. But there's more! There are competitions that take place throughout the Pacific Northwest that test you and your horse to a higher level. These competitions cater to all skill levels from beginner to experienced, saddled or 'in hand', and open to all ages and breeds of horses.




...has been involved in clinics and competitions throughout BC, Washington and Oregon and can assist you in finding your way 'Down the Trail'

BC Mountain Trail Association

Is an organization that is focused on promoting Mountain Trail competitions and challenges throughout BC. There are several courses located in Kamloops, Chilliwack, Armstrong, Shumway Lake and other locations where competitions are held on a regular basis throughout the summer months. Check out their page for more details!

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